Talking Rocks Outdoor Company
Geology Tours and Trailhead Shuttle Service

These are camping trips. I presume those who come on our tours have some prior experience camping. If you do not, please call me. I want to make sure your first camping experience is pleasant as well as inspirational and informative.

Talking Rocks Camping List

Sleeping bag and pad and tent. (You can rent a tent from Talking Rocks for $30/week. Cots and sleeping bags are available for $20/week.)

Hiking footwear: Some wear boots. I wear running shoes or sandals. We often hike in sandy washes. Sand is a bigger challenge than angular rocks. You might even want gaiters.

Warm jacket, knit hat, gloves, long underwear or overpants. Nights can be cool.

Sun protection: Hat, long sleeves, long pants, sun screen. If you are inexperienced in desert sun, go overboard with protection. It is easy to uncover. It is hard to reverse sunburn.

Shorts/swim suit.

Toiletries/Towel: On the Colorado Plateau tour we will stay at campgrounds that have showers EXCEPT Wednesday and Thursday nights when we will be “dry camping.” Pit toilets and no running water.

On the Death Valley tour, the campground does NOT have showers. We will schedule shower visits to Furnace Creek Ranch.

Flip flops or camp shoes.

Water bottle: You will need to carry a liter for ordinary hikes.

First aid: a couple of band-aids, tissue, lip balm, sun screen.

Day pack for lunch, water bottle, jacket.

Trekking poles. Might be useful. Most people do not bring them.

Headlamp or flashlight and batteries. Hopefully, this will only be needed in the evening in camp. However, it is required on long hikes, just in case.

Food: It is all provided. The menus will be be lacto-ovo vegetarian. Let me know of any special dietary needs. Robert Johnston, our chef, is amazingly accommodating.

Dinner ware: provided. However, we encourage you to bring your own personal cup and fork and spoon, to help reduce the waste of disposables.

Coffee and tea: provided.

Lunches and snacks: provided.

Alcohol: none provided.