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Trailhead Shuttle and Hiker Services

Taking reservations now for spring and summer, 2024.

Serving nature lovers, hikers, trail runners, snowshoers, backcountry skiers, mountain bikers, birders, photographers, climbers, thru hikers, section hikers, mushroom hunters, geologists.

Contact: voice or text: 253-350-1211. Email

We offer transportation and other support for hikers out of our base in Enumclaw, WA. Our specialty is the South Cascades. In addition, we can get you to any trailhead in the Northwest. We are beginning limited service for the North Cascades and for Mount St. Helens.

We can help with the placement of food caches for long hikes and the purchase of fuel canisters and other supplies.

NOTE: Trailhead Shuttle is essentially a “mountain taxi.” It’s expensive because you’re paying for private car service. The one way to lower your cost is to share the ride. I’m hoping this summer there will be enough call for service that we can group hikers together and lower the per/person cost.


We specialize in the neighborhoods of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Goat Rocks Wilderness, William O. Douglas Wilderness, Norse Peak Wilderness, Tatoosh Wilderness. Some of our favorite trails traverse the American Ridge and the Nelson Ridge in the William O. Douglas Wilderness. We provide service to the trailheads in the neighborhood of Walupt Lake. We serve Pacific Crest Trail section hikers. We can help you place your car or provide total transportation between the trailheads and the airport or the bus terminals in Auburn or Enumclaw. Chinook Pass, White Pass, Snoqualmie Pass as well as other PCT access points north and south.

We can get you to and from Crystal Mountain Ski Resort and Alta Crystal Resort, now known as LOGE Alta Crystal.

Let us know your need, and we will help you get there! This summer we have had a lot of calls for service to various trailheads on the Wonderland Trail.

We serve the excellent mountain biking trails off Hwy 410 between Enumclaw and Mt. Rainier National Park.

Are you looking for help positioning your car in connection with a one way hike? We can help.

Our base is Enumclaw, but we can pick you up at Seatac Airport or the bus or train stations in Auburn.

To arrange service,

253-350-1211, voice or text


Rates for Spring and Summer, 2024:  $1.11 per mile and $29 per hour beginning and ending at our office in Enumclaw. We use Google maps to determine time and distance. Each additional person is $20. If the drive takes us into Mt. Rainier National Park, there is a $30 Commercial Use Permit fee. If the drive includes the gravel road to Mowich Lake there is an additional $40 fee. (In 2023 I had two flats and one destroyed tire on that road, and then had to replace the ball joints and other elements in the front end of my vehicle.)

For late night pickups the mileage rates are the same, but the hourly cost is higher. After 6:30p the cost is $40/hour. After 9:30p the cost is $60/hour.

We always give you a quote before you commit to using our service.

There is no deposit required for a reservation.

Check out the “Scheduled Trips” tab to see trips that are currently on the calendar. You might be able to share transportation with other hikers.

You can also visit our Facebook page. Trailhead Shuttle

Additional Note: We occasionally get calls for “emergency service” when hikes don’t go as expected. This seems especially frequent for hikers on the Wonderland Trail. We encourage hikers to carry an InReach or similar device for such emergencies. There is sometimes a significant time lag between the sending of these messages and reception of the message by Trailhead Shuttle. So, don’t count on immediate response from Trailhead Shuttle, but if you need our help with transportation, most likely we will be able to pick you up at any trailhead. There may be an additional charge for emergency service. We are happy to give you a quote for the service before initiating the trip if we have two way communication.