Talking Rocks
Week-long Tours in the Desert Southwest

Tours: Talking Rocks specializes in week-long camping tours exploring geology. Destinations include the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, Iceland, and Hawaii. Most tours are camping tours. We sleep in tents or under the stars. Study geology and paleontology with Gerry Bryant of the Colorado Plateau Institute and occasionally other geologists and paleontologists. Eat incredibly delicious food prepared by Robert Johnston. Hike to breathtaking overlooks and fascinating outcrops. Enjoy conversations around the campfire probing the great questions of beauty and justice, meaning and ethics, God and humanity, geology and theology.

Other Services: Trailhead shuttle service. We can get you to and from trailheads in the South Cascades. The Norse Peak Wilderness, The William O. Douglas Wilderness, Goat Rocks, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier.

We explore geology


Point our eyes and hearts and cameras toward sunrises and sunsets

Savor grand vistas

Examine mysteries in outcrops

Share incredibly delicious meals

Hold long conversations around the campfire

Deepen friendships


Make new friends

May 9-16, 2021 Navajo Sandstone Tour

June 6-13, 2021 Hiking Tour

October 24-31, 2021 Death Valley Tour

2022??, Iceland

2023??, Hawaii